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The first available Panikulam Family(PF) GENEALOGY, completed and published in 1938 (download), paved the way for the formation of Panikulam Family Association(PFA) in and around 1985. Since the Association's formation, growing enthusiasm for the history of the family has resulted in more lines being completed by those eager to find and record their connection with the lines in THE PF GENEALOGY.

The PFA joined the world of the high tech when its first website went on-line in 2006 with its own URL,

One function of the Association is to be a repository for new information about the family. Check the recent genealogy.

To check up-to-date activities of the Association, click here.

Over our 39 years history, the PFA has been successful in spreading the word about our family and its history, and plans to continue to do so for many years to come.

Activities and achievements prior to year 2006. (For all other news and information, check ANNOUCEMENTS section.)

2006 - Launched

With the help of sponsor, Mr. Joy Panikulam, PFA decided to launch an official website for the association mainly to maintain the genealogy and as an opening to associate many next generation Internet features.

Collected and preserving the following hardcopies of the family magazine:

  • 1938 DOWNLOAD
    (File Size: 1.5Mb ; approx. 5 minutes to download using a dial up internet connection)

  • 1987 DOWNLOAD
    (File Size: 3.25Mb ; approx. 15 minutes to download using a dial up internet connection)

  • 1995 DOWNLOAD
    (File Size: 8.5Mb ; approx. 45 minutes to download using a dial up internet connection)

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